The Biggest Staging Tip EVER

Real estate staging is a phenomenon that has created a spin off industry, and is now a household word. Many sellers balk at the idea of a full on home staging because they don’t understand just how important the perception of the buyer really is. If sellers only knew how others see their home, they would stage to the max! The thing is, your home is so subjective to you that you don’t see what a fresh set of eyes will see. Even I bring in experts to stage my home when I sell, because I am not objective when it comes to my own home.

But I’m not going to talk about 10 ways to stage your home or anything like that. I’m going to tell you one thing. Your home must be clean. And I mean clean!


Start from the front door. Wash it and rinse it well. Wash those windows. Wash the floor by hand, getting into the corners and along the baseboards. Get down on your hands and knees and inspect every inch. If a buyer walks in and sees dirt or grime, you’ve lost them. Their own home may not be as clean as yours, but it’s their dirt. Your dirt sends a subliminal message that you neglect your home. Sounds silly right? But I could not be more serious.

Clean the kitchen like a pro. Get down and wash those lower cabinets, all it takes is one greasy spot touched by a buyer to send them running. Don’t forget the kick plate, the vent, the insides of the cabinets, scrub that grout, wash the appliances, take the hood fan apart and soak the filter until it shines, put a new light bulb in it. Take a toothbrush and clean around the sink where it meets the counter. You won’t believe how much gunk is in there. Clean the track of the sliding glass doors, remove mold that has built up due to condensation on the windows, wash the blinds, the baseboards, even the table and chairs. All buyers open cabinets, ovens and fridges; and any unclean surface will be a deterrent.

This tactile inspection continues in bathrooms and closets. The importance of a spic and span bathroom cannot be overstated. Nobody wants to buy a public washroom, so make it look like your bathroom was never used. Scrub scrub scrub! When you think you are done, take a break and go back and do it again. If your potential buyer isn’t comfortable enough to lie on your bathroom floor, they may not get that loving feeling and put in an offer.


And when it comes to the basement, be sure to wash your washer inside the rim and outside, your dryer, your furnace, and the hot water tank. They tend to get dusty and full of cobwebs. By washing them you will make them appear to be newer and well maintained. A dirty furnace looks old, and sends the wrong message to a buyer.

 Look, I know this isn’t rocket science but I see so many buyers get turned off a property simply because it wasn’t given a good cleaning. Now, go get a bucket of warm water and get to work!


About Sandra Rinomato
Sandra Rinomato is the host of HGTV’s Property Virgins and Buy Herself , a veteran real estate agent, located in Toronto. On TV she helps first time buyers navigate the ups and downs of buying a first home, but her real estate business is much more diverse with listings and sales in all price ranges and types of properties. Stop by for more information and don't forget to follow Sandra on Twitter @sandrarinomato!

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  1. Ann Drake says:

    Love your style of communicating!!!

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